The Sky Is Purple? Jaden Smith’s Best Jadenisms

A few months ago we did a story about Jaden Smith and his ridiculous Twitter feed. Well, it’s time for round two. The child star caused a worldwide trend today after he tweeted “The Sky Is Purple” so we figured it was a good time to take another look at some more Jadenisms.

A Jadenism, of course, is a bizarre philosophical statement by the one and only Jaden Smith.

If you don’t know Jaden, he’s the kid that always seems to be acting in Will Smith movies. If you haven’t seen his movies, he’s the kid that always wears super hero costumes out in public.

Jaden Smith is a young philosopher. He’s musings don’t always make sense, but hey, this is Twitter and all we’re looking for is entertainment. Here are some of Jaden Smith’s best Jadenisms.

Now, you may poke phone at Jaden Smith for his juvenile philosophy but the young actor would like to remind you of one thing…

Jaden Smith has starred in some huge blockbusters, thanks to poppa Will Smith, but he’s more well known on Twitter for his philosophical musings. Are you a fan of Jaden and his Jadenisms? Is the sky really purple? You can check out more Jadenisms here.

Kokou Adzo

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