Jaden Smith Wears Superhero Costume To Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

jaden smith iron man

This can’t be real, can it? A photo of Jaden Smith wearing a white superhero costume at Kim Kardashian’s wedding is going viral.

This isn’t the first time that Will Smith’s son has been spotted out in public in a ridiculous costume. Last year he was spotted on a date with Kendall Jenner wearing an Iron Man costume. It was weird but the public laughed it off saying that it was a young kid having fun with his friends.

But this? This is at a wedding (the wedding of the century according to some). Everyone in the crowd is wearing some designer gown or fashionable suit and then there’s Jaden wearing a super hero costume.

Jaden Smith is one of the most interesting (read ridiculous) celebrities on Twitter. In addition to his costumes, he also provide a steady stream of juvenile wisdom. Seriously, his tweets are so bizarre and almost profound that people have coined a term to describe them: Jadenisms. (Read some of his Jadenisms here.) Jaden hasn’t commented on the photo (I’m still not convinced that it’s real) but he did just post this message on Twitter.

Apparently we’re just not on Jaden’s level.

[Image Via Instagram]

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