The Most Canadian Robbery Ever Gets Even More Hilarious With Benny Hill Music

Photo by CTV News Edmonton

The word “sorry” might have been not enough to describe what two recently arrested offenders in a Canadian robbery must have felt. The Bonnie and Clyde couple were recently in the viral spotlight on social media after their attempt at robbing a convenience store and fleeing the crime scene went awry.

The offenders are 29-year-old Brittany Burke and 28-year-old Richard Pariseau. The couple thought they could get away with using a stolen credit card to purchase a can of soda. When the store owner calls the cops on them, they also thought they could flee the crime scene.

Photo by CTV News Edmonton

This did not go well, perhaps even despite how polite the Canadian police can be.

Additionally, what followed was one of the messiest and somewhat hilariously suspenseful convenience store chase sequence. Thanks to the store cameras, the whole event was documented on multiple angles. As usual, the internet was quick to lay their hands on the footage, and this is just one of the most hilarious edits right now:

Okay, so just take a breath for a moment. Imagine the amount of “sorry’s” in the span of a few minutes. Hey, even Canadian robbers are bound to be polite right? Meanwhile, it was also rather unfortunate that Ms. Burke thought those air vent scenes in spy movies had any merit to them for real life.

Photo by CTV News Edmonton

Also, by comparison, take a look at the actual footage of the robbery caught on camera. Furthermore, this one is also edited but with more suspense and less Benny Hill:

Hopefully, Burke and Pariseau have learned their lesson, and hopefully, that ceiling is covered by insurance.

Photo by CTV News Edmonton

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