The InfoWars Website Crashed and Alex Jones Thinks it’s a Liberal Conspiracy

The InfoWars Website Temporarily Crashed and Alex Jones Thinks it's a Liberal Conspiracy

Yesterday, the alt-right website InfoWars temporarily went down. Being as Alex Jones is the master of conspiracy theories, the crash was instantly treated as a hacking attempt, with both Jones and InfoWars editor Paul Joseph-Watson tweeting that the site was “under cyber attack.”

InfoWars has been banned from multiple sources over the last week or so, including Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. Hence why Jones believes there is a conspiracy against his site, despite him breaking several of the tech giants’ guidelines before being booted off their platforms.

Initially, Twitter allowed Jones to stay on the site, but he is currently under a seven-day suspension for posting a video in which he told followers to prepare their “battle rifles” to fight the media.

The website is now back online, but a verified reason for the crash is still unknown.

During the outage, visitors said they received an error message when attempting to access the site, and when Googled, the site header now says “INFOWARS IS UNDER ATTACK!”

The InfoWars Website Temporarily Crashed and Alex Jones Thinks it's a Liberal Conspiracy

Jones has since released a video statement claiming that there is “an attack on our birthright of free speech” and that “all nationalists and all conservatives are being shadowbanned and dialled down to nothing.”

He also blamed Chinese Communists and the Democrats for his predictament, claiming they are trying to “de-platform” him and comparing the removal of his accounts to “treason.”

This is the second time the InfoWars site has gone offline this month. On the 11th August, Joseph-Watson tweeted that the disruption was due to a “likely denial-of-service attack,” which he blamed on CNN’s campaign to have the site closed down.

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