The Liberal Social Media Is Eroding Your Right to Be Inundated With Hate Speech


In late July, the liberal controlled social media began a quiet assault on a handful of true-blue American heroes. Twitter, followed shortly by Facebook, YouTube, and now Spotify have gone to terrible lengths to suppress your right to hear crackpots blather about government conspiracies and praise Divine Leader Donald Trump.

Fortunately, the victims of these terrible shadow bans aren’t taking this censorship lying down.

Twitter’s Terrible Shadow Ban

Over the last several months, social media giant Twitter has gone to work deleting every fake or suspicious Twitter account it could find, sometimes as many as a million a day. The hippies behind Twitter say the purge is related to supposed Russian meddling in some election or something.

It was only a few weeks, however, until Twitter’s sinister purpose came to light. Precocious lil’ Republican Matt Gaetz — who up until now was best known for being the only Senator in America to vote against a law that would fight human trafficking and the sex slave trade — discovered that when Twitter didn’t allow fake accounts, suddenly his interaction numbers went down. So naturally, Twitter was enacting a super duper secret ban on conservatives. To make things right, Gaetz filed a complaint with the FEC, calling the action equivalent to an illegal campaign contribution.

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“My suspicion is that if people were effectively communicating a conservative message, they got caught in Twitter’s troll trap,” Gaetz told Tucker Carlson. “The reason that I think that is illegal is because it gives advantages to our political opponents. It gives them access to the platform that we don’t have.”

Thank White Jesus for Donald Trump, whose involvement in any issue inevitably makes things better. The president rushed swiftly to Gaetz’ aid, guaranteeing that the full might of the US government would swoop in and “look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once!”

But Twitter’s All, ‘What’s a Shadow Ban?’

Twitter executives responded to the controversy by flat-out denying it, even though there were a whole four Republicans who joined Gaetz in complaining that, yeah, Twitter was totally shadow banning the crap out of them. Instead, Twitter blamed the issue on a brief bug where specific accounts (including left-leaning politicians) weren’t being auto-suggested.

In an interview with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey used a whole bunch of techno gobbledygook to excuse himself. He told Benson that Twitter wasn’t controlled by him and his cronies, but by some made up thing called an “algorithm.” This algo-thingy is the thing that supposedly put a crimp in GOP Twitter accounts.


Clearly, that’s all malarky, and Twitter is pushing its socialist agenda by blocking access to Matt Gaetz, the guy who thinks America deserves to have a flourishing human trafficking industry.

The Battle of Alex Jones

Even as GOP wannabes struggle to make Twitter cooperate with the GD Constitution, one conservative spark plug is being attacked on multiple fronts thanks to his reputation for dropping truth bombs. At the moment, Alex Jones is the subject of not one, not two, but three selective kind-of-bans thanks to something Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook are calling “hate speech” Whatever that is.


According to Spotify, “what that is” were Jones-led podcasts including, “appearances by white supremacists and members of hate groups on shows, hate speech against Muslims and LGBTQ people, threats of violence against special counsel Robert Mueller and perceived members of the “deep state,” and harassing survivors of mass shootings Jones has contorted himself into believing were false flag attacks orchestrated to advance a nefarious agenda.”

In late July, YouTube slapped Jones on the wrist behind a quartet of videos that honed in on the truth behind Islam’s takeover of Europe, surefire ways to prevent liberalism, proof that migrants cause crimes, one video that YouTube said violated their policies against “child endangerment.”

Perhaps the most overt attack on Jones’ credibility has come from Facebook. The social platform didn’t bother to shadow ban Jones. They just banned him. Well, for 30 days. Still, though, the move was obviously motivated by politics. Just look at the other harmless stuff that Jones has had removed in the liberal war to curtail independent thought.

The only good part of the Facebook ban was the production of this hard-hitting report in which they filmed a computer screen for 40 seconds.

Thanks, Infowars!

Censorship Is Illegal (But This Isn’t Censorship)

Throughout the controversy, the GOP has claimed that Twitter and those folks are committing a crime by removing the work of their most beloved conservatives. By eliminating certain content, the powers that be in the social media world are infringing on Alex Jones’ right to free speech. It’s clear-cut.

It would be so awesome if that were true. Unfortunately, though, the First Amendment applies only to the federal government. Within the realm of their own, private service, executives running social platforms can do whatever the hell they want. Just as Reagan intended.


Don’t believe me? Here’s an article where Fox News says that the First Amendment only applies to government censorship. Don’t believe Fox News? I forgive you. So, here’s a little piece where CNN says that the First Amendment “protects you from the government punishing or censoring or oppressing your speech. It doesn’t apply to private organizations.”

In short: YouTube can shut down Alex Jones all they want. That means all those dozens of people who live on products sponsored by Alex Jones will have to (oh no!) go to his website.

The horror.

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