The Rio Olympic Commentators Aren’t Exactly Olympians

olympic commentators

The Olympic Commentators have caught a lot of heat already about being sexist and not being experts on the sports on which they’re commenting. And while you have to hold them accountable for the sexism standards, you can’t blame them for not knowing too much about the sports. I mean how many certified fencing experts are there? This is 2016, duels aren’t exactly common anymore.

And while the commentators are sometimes hilarious, sometimes they are also a bit misguided. They may not be deliberately sexist but there was one instance when a Hungarian swimmer won gold and the camera panned to her husband and the commentator said “and there’s the man responsible”. They even showed her husband in a split screen shot as she was swimming.

I don’t really know what to say except, maybe, nobody cares about her husband. There’s no Olympic event entitled “most enthusiastic spouse”. Get him off my television.

I wonder if during the men’s wrestling competition they’ll show their wives and say “and there she is, the woman responsible”. (spoiler, they won’t).

Or there’s even this post from the Chicago Tribune that fails to mention the Dana Vollmer’s name

Here’s one explanation of the Rio Olympic Commentator debacle so far. Though it still doesn’t seem to make much sense.

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