The Bernie Sanders GIF That Swept The Internet

Even if he doesn't win, Bernie Sanders has shown us how a crafty GIF can fuel a campaign.

Bernie Sanders GIF
Bernie Sanders GIF

Bernie Sanders is making a lot of progress lately, he’s won 7 out of the last 8 states and he only has to win about 56% of the remaining votes to make a serious run at the presidency. And as we move forward it makes sense that we take a look back at his campaign with the Bernie Sanders GIF that started it all and the many places where people have used it.

For those of us who aren’t hip to the internet lingo, GIF stands for graphics interchange format. You’ll recognize them immediately. But the great thing about the Bernie Sanders GIF is that people are inserting the grandfatherly senator into all kinds of fun situations. A lot of times he’s seen scaring Donald Trump. Which is ironic, because Donald Trump scares pretty much everybody else. Take a look at what happens when the Donald tries to take Bernie’s fries.

As disarming as Bernie is 99% percent of the time, this GIF re-imagines him as somebody not to be trifled with. The original and most popular Bernie Sanders GIF is of him frightening Trump at a campaign rally. In real life it was not Bernie that frightened Trump but a protestor that rushed the stage.

The future looks uncertain for both Trump and Sanders. Both candidates need to rack up a lot more delegates and both candidates also need to perform very well in New York and California which are hosting elections in the coming weeks. Ted Cruz is campaigning in California while all the other candidates are still focusing their attention on New York. Bernie made headlines a few weeks ago when he revealed that he thought tokens were still used for the subway and Hillary showed that she doesn’t really know how to use the card that they use for the subway either.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Phil Roeder]

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