Thai Single Dad Shows Up To Mother’s Day Event Dressed As Woman For His Son

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Single parents are the unsung heroes of the modern era. They work harder than most and also fill in for the roles of both parents in child rearing. The hardest part is that they are generally underappreciated. However, for most of them, seeing their children grow up into decent people is more than rewarding, what with all the hard work they invested, whether they are a single dad or a single mom.

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One single dad in Thailand even went the extra mile just for his sons. You see, Thailand has a different date for their Mother’s day, and single dad Chatchai Parn-uthai’s son’s school had an event for it just recently. Luckily for his sons, the 35-year-old Chatchai did not mind going as the mother, he even dressed for the part!

That’s right, Chatchai went to the school in a mother’s dress just so his son would not feel out of place during the school event. Chatchai also has two children, aged three and five. They mean the world to him, so much so, that he braved the embarrassment to make them happy. Take note other dads.

Chatchai did admit that there were some closed minds which laughed at his silly attire. However, there were also a lot of people that were touched by what he did for his sons. Chatchai himself was not embarrassed with what he did and did not want his children to feel inferior. He also claimed that seeing them smile and making them happy made everything he endured worth it. If there ever was a dad more deserving of a beer, then it would be him.

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