Dad And Daughter Duo Lip Sync Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” [Video]

fancy dad and daughter

Parenting done right. You already know.

A YouTube video posted on April 22 of this year went viral recently and it’s due to Iggy Azalea’s smash single “Fancy” becoming the hit of the summer and because the anti-Disney’s Frozen people are starting to voice their opinion. And probably because everyone loves a good viral-worthy father daughter bonding moment.

Grossing over 774,941 views, this video will continue to gain popularity just like “Fancy” has been taking over your radios and mp3 players in the past few weeks. The YouTube user boytoyjesse21 has a multitude of different videos on his channel. Real name, Jesse Lozano, a radio personality at KIIS FM in San Diego.

This video became so popular that Iggy Azalea even posted the link on her official Facebook page. The Australian  rapper asked her followers to create their own lip dub with the hashtag #imsofancy so she can watch them all.

Personally, I’m just glad someone decided AGAINST Frozen. Seriously.

[Photo credit: YouTube]



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