8 Tweets From Tesco Mobile That Make It The Coolest Carrier Ever

Tesco Mobile

Twitter is full of all sorts of interesting accounts to follow, and Tesco Mobile in the UK will have you wishing your wireless carrier was as awesome.

Full of sass, and generally just having a good time, the team behind the account stays busy replying to fans and customers.

One Twitter user joked she was famous, and then asked for a free phone:

We’ve all had bad experiences, and Tesco knows how to sweet talk its way to new customers:

When it comes to BFFs, make sure to coordinate your fashion:

There can’t always be good times, and sometimes it ends in a heated Twitter exchange:

On the flip side, things could also be getting pretty serious:

How do you respond to a compliment? With a backwards compliment of course:

While Tesco Mobile may not be the biggest carrier, they claim to be the best:

After responding to a retweet, this Twitter user was left with great wisdom:

Kokou Adzo

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