Jimmy Kimmel And Kanye West Feud: Round Three

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West Twitter Feud

Whose side are you on? Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West have been having a bit of a feud lately and now it’s time for the internet to pick sides.

Well, kind of.

Kanye has been trying to justify his Twitter tirade last night by finding people on the internet who agree with him. One of his biggest supporters seems to be Forrest Wickman from Slate.com.

Wickman writes: “Kimmel’s bit is lame and unfunny, and depends only on ignorance for laughs. But if you can bear it, it’s worth breaking down piece by piece, because it exemplifies a particularly lazy and pervasive line of thinking about Kanye West.”

West launched his Twitter tirade yesterday after watching one of Jimmy Kimmel’s sketches. The bit features a little kid reenacting Kanye West’s interview with the BBC.

Kimmel responded to West’s rant on his show last night (you can watch the video here) and Kanye didn’t appreciate it. He returned to Twitter today armed with some words from his peers. Kanye quotes Jibril Durimel, a fashion and brand consultant, saying that Kimmel shouldn’t have released the sketch.

Is that what this is all about? Kanye isn’t a singer who is so disillusioned by his own ego that he can’t understand a joke about fish sticks?

Whose side are you on? Do you think Jimmy Kimmel’s sketch was offensive? Is the late night comedian trying to hold dreamers down?

The Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel feud isn’t finished yet but the comedian did propose one solution on Twitter.

Dan Evon

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