Terrifying Moment as Cable Snaps on Theme Park Ride [Video]

Onlookers gasp in horror when the ride's left cable snaps.
A cell phone camera captures the terrifying moment a cable snapped on an amusement park bungee ride.


u18851916una Park, located in the seaside resort town of Cap d’Agde, France, attracts thrill-seeking tourists and locals year-round. It’s home to several high-octane thrill rides, most of which rely on precisely weighted and tensioned cables to operate safely. When everything is maintained properly, these rides are perfectly safe. But freak accidents do happen, like the one captured in this video.

Around thirty-five seconds in, a capsule attached to two bungee cables launches an impressive height into the air before gravity forces it back down. As soon as the capsule’s weight hits the left cable, however, it snaps, leaving the passengers and onlookers terrified as the capsule swings out of control.

Onlookers gasp in horror when the ride's left cable snaps.
Cable snaps on theme park ride: Onlookers gasp in horror when the bungee ride’s left cable snaps.

The capsule slammed into one of the ride’s support beams several times. One of the riders, a young woman, was suffered a fractured left ankle and was briefly hospitalized. Beyond that, nobody was seriously injured during the incident, but it was surely a frightening experience that may imbue the riders with a life-long fear of theme park attractions.

cable snaps on theme park ride
Luna Park, located in Cap d’Agde, France, attracts thousands of thrill-seekers to the seaside resort town each year.

According to the director of the amusement park*, “the accident was due to a factory defect at the elasticThe carousel will be closed as the investigation be continues, and will reopen when experts feel the solidity of the structure is sound. It could reopen by the end of the season. “

We can only imagine new riders will be a little weary of climbing aboard the attraction.


*Quote translated from French


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