The New ‘Batman’ Roller Coaster POV Video Will Make You Hurl

So as I am sure many of you know, the Six Flags theme parks have a thing for Batman themed roller coasters. Most of their locations have one, and they all are slight different from the other. The newest Batman roller coaster is at Six Flags fiesta in Texas, and once you see the footage of how it works, well, you will probably vomit. Yes, it is really cool, but it also looks slightly nauseating, and this POV footage puts you right in the center of the action.

Warning, if you vomit easily, you may want to take a motion sickness pill before watching this. No joke! Keep in mind, this roller coaster just popped up, is brand new, and this is the FIRST POV footage anyone has shot of it.

Get your puke buckets ready, kids, this is one hell of a ride!

So it moves like a regular coaster, but also whilst moving the passenger around in pretty 360 degree fashion. So you are always falling and twisting and spinning. The constant feeling of kinetic energy never ends for the entirety of the ride, and you basically must walk off it and just drop dead.

You know, like Batman’s parents?

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Remy Carreiro


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