Ted Talk: How Exercise Actually Benefits the Brain

Wendy Suzuki is a neuroscientist who knows a great deal about health and how this intricate machine we call the human body works. So much so, in fact, they locked her down for her very own Ted Talk about how exercise, while being great for the body, is hugely beneficial to the brain, memory, and a great deal of other factors people may not have  known. When you exercise, you are not just working your body. It is essentially an oil change or a fine-tuning for your body. And when you do that, it ripples into the spiritual and the mental as well

So even if you are a lazy ass who hates exercise, this thirteen minute video could make you change your mind about it. Maybe by the end, exercise won’t be such a dirty word to some people ( like me):

So get up and go for a run or a bike ride right now (when you are done reading this, of course) and get your body and mind right. A stronger body AND a stronger mind? Who wouldn’t want that?

People who don’t exercise, I guess, but good thing we can’t hear them complaining from their recliners with their mouths full.


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