Super Bowl XLVIII Netted Over 25 Million Posts On Social Media

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When we opined that brands would be wise to take advantage of their social media channels during Super Bowl XLVIII, we weren’t kidding. According to our pals over at Networked Insights, the big game was mentioned over 25 million times across all of the major social networks.

Networked Insights analyzed social media activity during Super Bowl XLVIII, and since you’re here for the stats, we’ll just give them to you straight:

  • Masarati, H&M, and Beats Music were the ad favorites on social media.
  • GoDaddy didn’t even crack the Top 10 ads this year. Last year they were number one, translating into a 95% decrease in volume, or 20-times less conversation (*cough controversy cough*) in 2014.
  • Even though it aired right after the game, eSurance’s ad got more people talking than any other ad during the game.
  • Largest conversation spike goes to H&M/David Beckham (133,310 posts when it aired).
  • Largest total conversation goes to T-Mobile (309,780 posts).

There’s more Super Bowl XLVIII social analysis from Networked Insights below. You can download the full report here.

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Top 10 advertisers super bowl

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