‘Stranger Things’ Meets ‘Peanuts’ In This Epic Mash-Up Video

stranger things mashup

You’ve heard of the Great Pumpkin, but what about the Great Upside-Down? ‘Merry Christmas Will Byers’ takes the classic iconic ‘Peanuts’ and the Netflix hit, ‘Stranger Things’ and turns it into one awesome video.

Created by YouTuber, OnlyLeigh, the animated video follows ‘Stranger Things’ Will Byers as he tries to figure out the source of his unhappiness and anxiety. Just like Charlie Brown, he seeks out the advice of his psychiatrist friend. Played by Eleven, she doesn’t seem to be much help. He then goes to Mike, but he happens to be too busy jamming out to the ‘Stranger Things’ theme song on his keyboard.

Eventually, Will figures things out and realizes that true happiness is about people with the people you love.

Even, everyone’s favorite character, Barb makes a short cameo. Whether you are a fan of ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Peanuts’, you will love this mashup video. Take a moment and check it out below!

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