One Restaurant Gets Lobsters High Before Boiling Them — Here’s Why


An owner of a Maine seafood restaurant has come up with an innovative and cruelty-free way to serve lobster — and her recipe features just a pinch of Mary Jane.

Owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound says: “The animal is already going to be killed. It is far more humane to make it a kinder passage.”; Photo: Twitter

Journey to Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor, and you could be one of the first to attempt owner Charlotte Gill’s nouveau lobster-culling approach.

Typically, a lobster is steamed or boiled while still alive. Gill brings another step to the recipe: getting the crustacean stoned prior to cooking it.

“The animal is already going to be killed,” Gill told local news reporters. “It is far more humane to make it a kinder passage.”

Estimated serving time: 4:20pm; Photo: Giphy

Here’s how Gill’s procedure actually works:

  1. The lobster to be cooked is placed in a separate smoking tank with just a few inches of water
  2. An air mattress pump pushes cannabis smoke into the water, sedating the crustacea
  3. The lobster is steamed and served to the patron

And there you have it!

The result is a “steamed and stoned” lobster, and Gill alleges they suffer less than animals that are boiled without being anesthetized.

“Let’s agree, to disagree”; Photo: Gfycat

The method was apparently the consequence of Gill’s own guilty conscience – and her license to grow medical weed.

“I feel bad that when lobsters come here there is no exit strategy,” Gill stressed. “It’s a unique place and you get to do such unique things but at the expense of this little creature. I’ve really been trying to figure out how to make it better.

“The difference it makes within the meat itself is unbelievable. Everything you put into your body is energy.”


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