Stephen Hawking Embarks On Week-Long Reddit AMA Session

[Photo credit: AP Photo / Kristy Wigglesworth]

When Stephen Hawking does something, he has to do it big. The brilliant mind is the latest Reddit AMA participant, but his session has a bit of a twist. Instead of just a hour or two, Hawking will take questions all week long! Beginning on Monday, July 27 at 8 AM ET, you can ask the genius whatever your heart desires and of course Social News Daily will be there to cover it all for you!

So, why this extended Reddit session? Not only is this a great solution for those that seem to always show up late for the party, it also addresses Hawking’s physical disability. The scientist must communicate using his Intel-powered assistive computer system, so it takes him longer to answer questions than someone who can simply talk and get them dictated. This longer session will allow for the communication delay.

Make tech Human
[Photo credit: Wired]

As the longest AMA in Reddit history, Hawing is sure to be an interesting subject. While he will answer users’ questions, he will also have his own topics to bring to the table. This session is part of Wired and Nokia’s #MakeTechHuman initiative, which “seeks to enable discussion about how technology can best serve humanity. Hawking is no stranger to sharing his concerns with artificial intelligence. He is quoted as saying it is “potentially our greatest mistake in history.”

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