Stacey Dash Attacks Oprah On Twitter Over Trayvon Martin, Obama

Stacey Dash Oprah

Actress Stacey Dash is causing controversy on Twitter yet again today, criticizing Oprah Winfrey for recent comments made about Trayvon Martin, President Obama and race in America.

Race relations are arguably at their biggest peak in a long time since the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case was handed down, and despite her fame and influence, Oprah has actually been a pretty moderate voice on these issues.

On the issue of Trayvon Martin’s killing, Oprah compared the Florida teen’s story to Emmett Till, but also noted that it’s disingenuous to think that our culture hasn’t made significant progress on the subject of racism.

Meanwhile Stacey Dash, infamous most recently for her endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and her defense of Paula Deen during her own racism debacle, called Oprah out with the following tweet: A Malcolm X quote, a link to a Fox News story critical of Oprah’s comments, and a heavy-handed “shame on you.”

And like with her earlier tweets, there are plenty of people on Twitter who really don’t care for Dash’s brand of politics:

Though this time around, she does seem to have more support:

You can check out a video of Oprah’s controversial comments below, and let us know what you think. Are these comments outrageous, or are Oprah’s critics (including Stacey Dash) overreacting?

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