Spider Sex Party Covers Greek Town With Huge Blanket Of Webs

sex party
Photo by BGR.com

There are times when one might wonder what the hell was nature up to when they invented the scary nope creatures we know today as spiders. These guys range from friendly, or sometimes even tiny cute wall jumpers to black demon spawns which kill their husbands after mating. Just when you thought you these guys could not get more invasive, they invade a whole Greek town… for a sex party.

In one sunny Mediterranean retreat of a small Greek town called Aitoliko, a web of horrors can be spotted. Spiders have apparently picked the outskirts of the said town and coated the vast area with their webs. Their purpose? A reproduction orgy, where their population will spike up soon after and take over the whole town. Poor Greeks.

However, that is not a bad thing, because the spider species which were discovered taking over the whole town are not poisonous. Moreover and according to biologist Maria Chatzaki, they pose no threat to the flora and fauna of the environment. Whether the said biologist will be the doom of us all, remains to be seen.

sex party
Photo by Sky News

As for why the spiders picked that particular spot in the Greek town, it was just the right spot for them it seems. Plenty of food, warm weather, and sufficient humidity, the only things missing are speakers and “Careless Whisper” on repeat before the spiders begin overpopulating the area. Chatzaki also added that the spiders usually do the same thing every couple of years, where they turn the whole town into a horrific bacchanalia and die soon afterwards.

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