Solving Crimes Through Social Media


We know as an unfortunate truth that the Internet can be a really cruel place. We’ve been constantly bombarded with warnings here and there about “don’t use your credit card online, someone might snitch your number” or “don’t make friends with strangers online, they  might be a sex offender”, and sometimes, these warnings may seem so downright inane we end up ignoring them altogether. Inane as they do sound, these warnings do have its roots in truth, no matter how over-blown their proportions may be. The internet has, alas, proven to be fertile breeding ground for trolls, sex offenders, crooks, and other unsavory characters, due to its very nature of easy access and anonimity. Crimes have taken on a new face, and makes easy pickings of the naive and unwilly.

However, there is hope — the Internet may have its monsters, but certainly is not without its heroes.

There are countless stories floating around the internet of students or individuals bringing criminals to justice through online sleuthing, deft social media skills, and even some fine-tuned hacking in the mix. Hacktivist group Anonymous is possibly the most well-known group to take the reigns in the line of vigilante work, from declaring war on online paedophiles everywhere to releasing member information of the Ku Klux Klan, to even dealing the first blow against ISIS.  Anonymous is well known for their members donning guy Fawkes masks, and ending their public announcements with their battlecry:

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

It seems police are now also taking a leaf out of Anonymous’ notebook, and taking to social media as one effective tool in fighting crime.

Via: Yag Personal injury of LA

Whether it be on Facebook, Youtube, Vine, or Twitter, or any social media website for that matter, criminals are bound to leave trails one way or another.for as long as criminals leave a trail to follow, justice will be served, one way or another.

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