Social Media Goes Crazy Over Tesco “Valentine” Cucumbers

Tesco Cucumbers

Someone was being a little cheeky over at one Tesco market. What may have started out as a funny marketing ploy took a very naughty twist and social media went crazy.

It all started when the store decided to highlight certain products that were perfect for Valentine’s Day. You know, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate-covered strawberries and other traditional gifts. But, this store took it a bit further. Fortunately, Twitter and other social media outlets were there to share the advertisements.

Whipped cream. Still tame enough.

Even condoms and baby oil were highlighted as must-needed Valentine’s purchases.

But there was one item that caused a social media uproar: cucumbers.

We’ll let you use your imagination on what these could be used for…

While most are losing their minds over the signs, other are pointing out what probably really happened. What started out as an innocent marketing campaign was probably sabotaged by mischievous customers. It isn’t that hard to move these ad signs.

OK, the cucumbers took it too far. But as for the whipped cream, maybe they want you to make a nice desert. The condoms? Just educating the public on safe sex. Thanks for looking out, Tesco.

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