Snowmobile Gets Caught In Avalanche [Video]

Snowmobile Avalanche

A terrifying moment for one snowmobiler was caught on camera during a routine ride in Afton, Wyoming. As the snowmobile drives up the mountain, it is caught in the middle of an avalanche. Fortunately, the other snowmobilers are aware of the disaster and quickly come to his aid. The action was all caught on film by one of the men’s helmet cam.

The man was quickly rescued by his friends. Fortunately, the man landed head up and was easily spotted in the snow. Situations like this usually do not turn out so fortunate.

The comments on the video are going crazy. Many are scolding the man for not knowing basic avalanche safety actions. One user, known as powdersasquatch, wrote, “The only reason they saved him was by chance. He ended up head above the snow by luck. Thats how they spotted him so quick and cleared his airway. He didnt even pull his Air Bag. That is how unprepared and out of his league with avalanche skills he was… He went up a very questionable slope.”

The video was posted to YouTube by Mike Salmon and has already been viewed more than 90,000 times.

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