Could Homeless Man Viral Video Be A Scam? [Video]


Back in December, we covered a story on YouTube star, Josh Paler Lin, giving $100 to a homeless man. He then secretly followed the man to see what he would do with the money. We see the man enter a liquor store and immediately assume he will blow the cash on alcohol. To our surprise, the man buys food and passes it out to random people on the street.

The video soon became viral and support for the homeless man began to pour in. In response to the millions of views and comments, Josh set up an IndieGoGo account to raise money to help the man. As the campaign ends, people are asking where is the money? Josh promised updates, but no further information has been given on the man’s situation. While many are questioning the validity of the original video, others are questioning Josh’s intent with the donations. One man set out to confront Josh about the accusations and things got rather intense.

MyFoxLA spoke to the homeless man in the center of the controversy. Known only by Thomas, the man said the video is indeed real. He says he never met Josh before that day and is overwhelmed by the amount of support he has received. Thomas also vouched that he did indeed get to reunite with his father, so at least that part of Josh’s story holds up.

Others aren’t buying it. One reddit user posted a link to a story about a witness that say Josh drive Thomas to the liquor store that day.

Only time will tell to see if the donations will surface or if the story is just a scam.

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