Smoked Watermelons Are A Thing Now; Vegans Rejoice, This Is Not A Mis-Steak

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Every so often vegans usually come up with some bizarre but commendable alternative to meat dishes. One example is the thing called Tofurky which, as you may have guessed, a substitute for turkey made from tofu. There are also the usual veggie burger or veggie sausages which apparently taste like the real thing. So you can bet that there is certainly vegan steak. Before we get to that, here is a vegan black metal chef, proof that vegans have all the alternatives you need:

So regarding the new type of steak, it is actually not made from meat or meat alternative products. Instead, it is made out of watermelon. I know right? Water they thinking?! I mean, what were they thinking? Well, apparently, one restaurant from New York City specializes on making such culinary wonders. The restaurant is named Duck’s Eatery and they serve smoked watermelon steaks at $75 per watermelon. Here’s a feature about it below:

It’s… weird. Someone call Gordon Ramsay, please.

Anyway, according to the reviewer, it certainly does not taste like steak. Quite an odd thing to serve considering that the restaurant made the dish in an effort to cater to more vegetarian guests who like steak. In that regards, why not just give them some actual steak meat alternatives?

Unsurprisingly, the internet is not all too keen on welcoming the watermelon ham/steak to the culinary world. Some even lament the cost of the thing, which, at $75 is allegedly too expensive for a watermelon gimmick. However, it certainly is a rare medium of cooking, as long as it is well done, then let’s not roast the restaurant too much.

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