Watermelon Oreos Now Available At Target [Twitter Reacts]

Limited Edition Oreo Cookies

Watermelon Oreos are now up for grabs at Target.

For those of us who grew up hating watermelon candy, the very thought of eating a watermelon-flavored Oreo cookie is definitely a little off-putting. I don’t think watermelon candy tastes anything like watermelon, but I’ve also been told that I have the palate of a toddler.

According to a Oreo spokesperson Kimberly Fontes, the company decided to go with watermelon since it’s a fun flavor for the summer season. If you’re curious to see what all the fuss is about, then you’d better do it soon. The summer months are short, and supplies are limited.

Watermelon Oreos are very strange cookies, indeed. Not surprisingly, they’ve managed to capture the attention of folks on Twitter. You can find a handful of their reactions to the limited-edition treat below.

Overwhelming excitement seems to be a popular response.

And then there are those who linked the cookies to slavery.

What do you think about the limited-edition Watermelon Oreos? Are you rushing out to your nearest Target location for a package at this very moment?

[Image via TheFoodJunk / Flickr]

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