Skype Testing 3-Minute Recordable Video Messaging Feature

Skype Three Minute Messaging App

Short for video messages are hot right now thanks to the GIFs-inspired Twitter Vine app. Now Skype is jumping on that bandwagon with three-minute video recordings.

Currently being tested by Microsoft the program has already been offered to select users who are willing to send video messages up to three minutes in length.

According to Ina Fried of AllThingsD:

“Starting Friday, those with the latest version of Skype for either Mac, Android or iOS can send the messages (users of Skype on other platforms can still receive video messages).”

Only certain regions have received the program for testing including United States and the United Kingdom.

While Skype waited to announced the program its terms and conditions hinted as the program in December when the company mentioned a new “Skype Video Messaging,” option.

Here is the Terms and Condition text as it reads right now:

“As a non-Skype Premium subscriber you can, subject to the Video Messaging Fair Use Policy (‘FUP’) below, send and receive an unlimited number of Video Messages and any Video Messages you send and/or receive shall have no expiry date.

“If you are not a Skype Premium subscriber, the number of Video Messages you can send are limited, however you can receive an unlimited number of Video Messages (again subject to the FUP below). As a non-Skype Premium subscriber any Video Message you send or receive will expire within 90 days, except for Video Messages received from a Skype Premium subscriber or where you upgrade to a Skype Premium subscription before the 90 day expiry period ends, and in either case the Video Message shall cease to have an expiry date.”

Will you be taking advantage of three minute Skype messaging.



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