Roses Are Green: Rihanna Gets Marijuana For Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Rihanna may be dating Chris Brown but she spent Valentine’s Day with her other love: Marijuana.

The singer has been frequently criticized for getting back together with Chris Brown, who was arrested a few years ago after he gave RiRi a black eye, so for Valentine’s Day she decided to make sure that the haters had nothing to say.

E! Online reports that RiRi didn’t get to see her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day but someone did give her some special green roses.


And Rihanna didn’t waste too much time from enjoying her Valentine’s day present.

So, who had the better Valentine’s Day? Mariah Carey, who took a bubble bath, drank champagne, and went on a carriage ride with Nick Cannon, or Rihanna, who partied with her friends and smoked green roses?



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