Skype App Hits 120 Million Downloads On iOS


Skype reached a new milestone with their iOS app, surpassing 120 million downloads. It’s featured as one of the top 10 free apps of all time in the iTunes Store. The company announced over 20 million photos have been shared through the app since photo sharing was added in August.

With the iOS app, users have a new option when logging in. With Microsoft acquiring Skype in May 2011, Live Messenger has been integrated. If you have a Microsoft account, you can now log-in with those credentials.

Logging in with that account will pull in all your Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts. This also means you can message your friends who still use Live Messenger. Another great feature added to the iOS app is the ability to edit messages after they’ve been sent. To edit a message, simply tap on it and hold for a few seconds.

Emoticons are nothing new. However, Skype for iOS users now have them. Have a newer iPhone or iPad with retina display? You’ll get access to animated icons.

If you don’t have the app yet, you can grab it for the iPhone or iPad. As always, voice calling to other users is free. Skype has over 600 million registered users and 40 percent of all calls are video enabled.

Mike Stenger

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