Simon Cowell Is Looking For The Next Big Star … On YouTube [Video]

Simon Cowell is shifting gears in his search for the X-Factor, the next American Idol, or whatever he wants to call it when he gets bored. Now, he’s searching for exceptional talent of all stripes through social media, giving up-and-comers a chance to become the next big YouTube star.

YouTube and Cowell’s Syco are partnering up to launch the first-ever global talent competition to take place completely online. YouTubers will upload a video revealing their skills and talents to The You Generation channel. Any and all talents are welcome, whether it be cooking, fashion design, singing, dancing, even stand-up comedy.

The international competition will go live in 26 countries starting Wednesday, March 20. It will run for 52 weeks.

“Every submission will be judged by Syco executives and experts in the relevant field,” said YouTube in an official release. “Finalists will be chosen every two weeks with the winner being announced on the second Friday of every contest.”

Like other competition shows, the next YouTube star will receive a cash prize, but more importantly, exposure on a global platform. Winners will compete in a second round for a grand prize, which has not been announced yet.

Think you have what it takes? All you need to do is subscribe to the You Generation channel and upload your audition in the category of your choice.

Not much else about the YouTube star competition has been revealed just yet, but a demo video posted by The You Generation below shows scenes of what we might expect.

What do you think of Simon Cowell’s social talent outreach? Do you have what it takes to be the next YouTube star? Sound off below the video:

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Kokou Adzo

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  1. It's an interesting point, but I think the reason for that is that writers and poets are less known than their work, whereas with musicians and even comedians it's a package deal: works and personality. Not to say that writers and poets don't have personality, of course 🙂

  2. Well, most online competitions are that way. Try out Tallenge… They claim to be the earth's biggest talent platform and have huge numbers of categories… I uploaded my play on Tallenge and got a great response with votes and stuff…

    Here's the link

  3. I also think that a big problem for writers is that they're usually known JUST for their work … not for their personality. That's not the case with music, movies, etc. As a writer myself, and the writer of the article, I see where you're coming from, but we're not like them 🙂

  4. I'm glad to see other writers are getting everything I'm saying, i can see a time when the writers of the world will just stop writing, what would they make their programes about then, writers are the core of the music too, my friend rick is a great guitar player, he is in a band, none of them can write lyrics, lyrics are the life blood of their proffesion too, no writers, no songs, we never get the recognition we truely deserve, lets stop this facade right now.