First Look At Eddie Murphy In ‘Beverly Hills Cop’

eddie murphy

Sure, that headline could have been written more than 20 years ago when Eddie Murphy was preparing to star in his groundbreaking role as Axel Foley. But thanks to a new TV show, you can get another “first look” at the comedian in the iconic role.

Murphy is reprising the role of Axel Foley for a new CBS pilot. Showrunner Shawn Ryan posted a few photos from the set today on Twitter showing Murphy, Foley’s letterman jacket, and Brandon T. Jackson who will play Foley’s son on the show.

Murphy will be appearing in the pilot and he may become a regular if the series gets picked up. For the moment, however, the pilot is being set up for Murphy to hand of the Axel Foley torch to Brandon T. Jackson.

Are you looking forward to the new show?



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