2 Baby Cats Recreate The ‘Simba Vs Scar’ Fight Scene From The Lion King


Here’s footage of two kittens who, elected to reenact the infamous ‘Simba versus Scar’ fight scene from classic The Lion King.

via Imgflip; Awww :’-)

Clearly enthusiastic about the computer animated remake of The Lion King coming out in 2019, these two cats are living their best life reviving the epic Scar vs. Simba battle scene.

C’mon on now … we see the little bit of mist in your eyes as the baby felines prompt childhood memories of you scampering around in the living room with Pop Pop donning Pull-Ups singing “oh I just can’t waiiiiit to be king!” Or wait, did I do that?

via Makeagif; “All the single babies! All the single babies..”

Well – that’s neither here nor there. Back to you.

Everyone has seen The Lion King at some point in their lives . . . and we do mean EVERYBODY! It’s kind of like The Eagles’ GH – everyone’s indulged.

Or even say, Michael Jordan –  everybody knows the 411 on him. Thereby in summary—if you haven’t listened to The Eagle’s GH (or at least, know one of the songs), never saw MJ (live or in highlights) jam the ball down some Center’s esophagus or never seen The Lion King than either: A. You live underneath a rock, literally B. You just don’t give a flying hoot about pop culture or C. You have knowledge of all these things! And.. then you got hit in the head real hard and now have amnesia (so, so sorry for your loss providing that’s the case).

Check out the full video above, though.


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