Sheriff Caught Using Prison Funds for Personal Use, Arrests Guy Who Tipped Off the Feds

If this is not a high water mark for America I don’t know what is anymore.  An Alabama sheriff was noted for taking advantage of an old tax loophole and using money acquired for the local prison and prisoners and using it to his own ends. Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin has taken and spent close to one million dollars of money that was intended for prisoners on personal and indulgent things for himself like a MASSIVE 4 bedroom mansion. It has been a problem on the books for this part of Alabama for a long time, and still being on the books means little can be done.

But something WAS done. Just to the wrong person.

The Sheriff made it personal, found out who tipped of feds, and then had him arrested for a tiny bit of marijuana butter the guy had, and in doing some basic research, come to find out, they treated the butter by weight (which is not how you arrest with marijuana edibles, you base it on milligrams, actually) and that offense can still land someone SERIOUS jail time in Alabama (because it is Alabama) even though the merits of the arrest were illegal in nature.

So here, let me retell you that in a simpler way. A super shady sheriff got busted for misappropriating funds that have literally cost HUNDREDS OF MEALS to inmates just so he could buy himself some fancy toys and in knowing he will NOT get into trouble for it, ruined the guy’s life who was honest about it and tried to stop it.

God bless Trump’merica. It is everything I knew it would be.

A truly sad sh*t show run by shady, selfish *sshats.


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