Shelter Sells Cats Like Used Cars, Wins Big


Are you lonely? Stressed? Dying for companionship? Are you in the market for the best deal of your life? Oh boy, do we have this once-in-a-lifetime offer for you, and it’s all right here at this animal shelter!

Wait, animal shelter?!

The Calgary Humane Society housed more cats than they could almost manage in their shelter in Canada. These kitties were in need of loving Forever Homes, and were practically ready to walk off the lot. So the staff got creative with their cat adoption program and brought in Mr. Salesman.

Watch their smash-hit video below:

The viewers went wild! They just could not believe the insane deals packed in this amazing offer! fur-babies-fur-babies, fur-babies up the wazoo! This “used-cat salesman” knew what his customers wanted, and he and his cat posses worked it like there was no tomorrow.

It was practically cat heaven.


Just. So. Many. To choose. From.


Even this gorgeous black kitty smized for her adoring public.


These pre-loved cats were just to precious to miss. And what’s more, Calgary Humane society was throwing a summer “pawty”, with big, big discounts on their adoption fees! How’s that for an eye-popping deal?

In the end, the outrageously hilarous ad did pay off: no less than 106 animals were adopted at the shelter’s “Cat-tastic Summer Pawty“, with 77 cats bundled up with their proud humans into their Forever Homes. Yay!

Shelter fans were left with one burning question: is that ‘stache on Mr. Salesman real?

“It was ethically crafted from cat hair we found in the shelter vents,” joked the shelter staff. Alas, it was just too good to be true in this cruel world.

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