Abandoned Blind Pitbull Is Given Second Chance At Life


Imagine having to navigate a big, scary world, completely blind. In the dark, the only way you can move around and understand your environment is by touch, by sound, by smell. You know you’ve just given birth; you know you’ve been loaded into a car by the one person who you trust with your life. You soon feel the cold bite of a steel bench you’ve been placed on, and the air is frosty out in the dead of winter. You hear footsteps walking away from you.

980x (2)And just like that, you’re alone.

No one’s coming back for you.

That’s exactly what Polly the Pitbull went through as  Santa Barbara County Animal Services in Florida found her cowering and frightened all by herself. It was unclear for how long she’d been left alone; the evidence showed that she had recently given birth, but there were no puppies around to be found.

Aside from her eyes being completely blind, Poly was also found to have a heart and skin condition. This pup was going to take a lot of love and care. Foreverhome Pet Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue organization located in the Los Angeles area, came forward to take in Polly and set her up with a foster home.

“She is a very sweet girl and deserves far better than she has gotten in life so far,” a representative of the pet rescue center said in a press release.


Thanks to her foster home, Polly is now getting the medical attention she dearly needs. Her foster family also have showered her with all the love, care, and attention she has missed out on. You may even check out her adventures and antics on her Facebook page.



Just look at that face! Polly is one lucky, lucky pup, and seeing her so happy is just making us tear up.

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