Shelter Pet Shop Switcheroo Goes Viral, Wins Hearts


Can you really put a price tag on unconditional love? A number of shelter animals in Brazil taught some unsuspecting customers at a pet shop the answer.

Visiting an animal shelter isn’t something that would strike most people as a pleasant experience. People often get images of sad, broken animals, abandoned and unwanted by their owners, or pets with troubled pasts and special needs that could be too much trouble than what most people are willing to put up with. However, animals in shelters are just as deserving of love, a family, and Forever Home to call their own, if only we’d give them a chance.


Priceless Pets, a Brazilian Non-Profit Organization, is dedicated to encouraging potential pet guardians to #savealife by adopting from animal shelters instead of purchasing from a pet store. Their latest campaign video just went viral on Facebook, and has won the hearts on many potential pet-owners everywhere.

With the economy in Brazil behaving the way it does, luxury items are no easy thing to reach, and pedigree pets are certainly well-placed up in that roster, serving as status symbols for the affluent. However, this campaign will hopefully bridge the gap between animals and people looking for each other to love, regardless of race, breed, or price tag.

In a number of participating pet shops around Brazil, shop owners swapped out the pedigree animals that were usually on sale for shelter animals without telling the customers. Indeed, every dog (and cat) must have its day, and this new strategy was meant to give them a fair chance of finding their Forever Home. Shoppers would then ask the clerks how much a particular four-legged friend would cost, and the answer?

“Absolutely free.”

Their reactions are something to be seen for yourself. 

Watch the video here:

Better than buying a life, is saving one.

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