New Hamburglar Gets Hot; Twitter Gets Flusterred [Poll]

Oh, Hamburglar, you naughty, naughty boy. Once upon a time in McDonaldland, we knew you as this chubby-faced bumbling ginger-headed boy with a mind as singular as your tooth. And now? We’ll let you #RobbleRobble us if you let us #RobbleRobble you.


After thirteen years of silence, McDonald’s is finally bringing back the Hamburglar, and even giving a reveal of what he’s been up to all these years. It seems he’s settled down to a quiet surburban life of minivans, picket fences, and backyards. He’s even raised a family, and has two kids marveling at his burger-flipping prowess.

He hears that McDonald’s is still selling burgers, and suddenly all the memories come flooding back.

It’s Robble-robble time.

And with that, Twitter went nuts.

Someone praised his taste in footwear:

A couple tweeps posited the mascot’s own hipsterrific lifestyle choices:

Other folks were not loving this new look, though. People who hated it felt the makeover was too creepy for their taste (and for their kids’ own good), and tagged him as someone most likely to lurk behind school playgrounds, or grinding on a stripclub stage:

Cast your vote:

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