Shanghai Disneyland Gets Trashed By Guests Before Big Opening


Now look what you did, Shanghai. You went and made Mickey Mouse sad. Look at your life choices. Look at them long and hard.

ShanghaiShanghai Disneyland has still to open it doors to the world on June 16th of this year. However, it has already welcomed thousands of Chinese visitors curious to see and explore their own slice of The Happiest Place on Earth. It’s so hot, one seven-year-old kid bought tickets for 20 of his friends using his dad’s phone, without telling Dad.  (When you’re risking the mightiest of whoopin’s for your squad, that’s seriously hardcore.)

Drumming up excitement for the place is a good thing, right?

Not when your guests choose to behave badly by the droves.

Weibo is on fire with photographic evidence of unruly and rude visitors making a mess of Disneyland in appalling and unspeakable ways. Trash litter the grassy lawns, signs are ignored and carefully-tended flowers were trampled in favor of taking that perfect selfie, and people are even defacing newly-painted public property — And the theme park hasn’t even formally opened yet!

On behalf of these careless humans, we’re so sorry, Mr. Disney Tree.


Will someone please think of the flowers?!
Will someone please think of the flowers?!


Oi, get out of there; I don’t even want to know what you might be doing there…


... and now i wish I didn't.
… and now i wish I didn’t.


Someone scrawled “[defacer’s name] wuz here” on this perfectly innocent lamp post.
The shrubbery never stood a chance.
The shrubbery never stood a chance.

Shanghai Disneyland opened its very own metro station last week, serving as an open invitation to the public to come by and stroll around outside the resort. We can only hazard a guess that the resort administration did this not just for the revenue, but to prepare themselves for the big opening coming up.

However, with guests like this, what’s a Mickey Mouse to do?

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