Conjoined Twins Rejoice Their New Lives, A Year After Their Separation


More than a year after being surgically separated, physicians say that conjoined twins Erin and Abbey are both doing dandy and living well.

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Riley and Heather Delaney found themselves in a pickle years back, when Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) doctors revealed their unborn twins were joined together at their heads.

The girls, Abbey and Erin, were born ten weeks prior to their due date by an emergency c-section. At the time they weighed only two pounds each, and were not ready for the strenuous surgery necessitated to split them apart. Aside from skin, the twins were connected by brain tissue and blood vessels, meaning disconnecting them would be extremely complex and risky.

CHOP specialists took the next 11 months prepping the girls, and when the surgery day finally came it took a whole 14 hours to separate them. The operation too made them record makers, as the youngest twins linked at the head to ever be efficaciously split.

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In following months, both girls endured more surgeries to supplant parts of their skulls, and physical therapy to fortify their immature legs.

Though despite all of the additional care they required, both at CHOP and home, being able to rock the girls singly was worth it for the grateful parents.

Twins attached at the head, termed craniopagus conjoined twins, are some of the rarest on the planet. Roughly 6 sets of twins in 10,000,000 are united at the head.


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