Selfie on a Plane: Soldiers Take Hi-alt Selfie

This could end up to be the highest selfie — literally.

The selfie in question popped up on one of Reddit’s boards recently, showing a trio of US Air Force airmen taking a groufie, their legs dandling off the perilous drop of a military plane’s lower entry as it cruises over a sultry dessert landscape and a patch of bright blue sky. Their three other companions look out from the shadowy recesses of the plane, standing tall proud, and kinda pose-y. Ladies and gents, these men are fighting for your country, and they look hella good doing it.

Truly, this shot is phenomenal.

Is the selfie an authentic piece of photography, though? All the clues are there. It would certainly be hard-pressed to fake such a background and lighting. The badges on their uniforms are clear and crisp in the picture, identifying them as prod members of Air Combat Command, which has its headquarters in Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia.

A few months ago, Pizza Hut (jokingly) warned about the untold dangers of “selfie stick abuse”. True enough, people have used selfie sticks to record things dismal to disastrous ( filming your mom and girlfriend fight? Not pretty.)

Will these soldiers get in trouble for their selfie antics, though?  One rule looming over their heads is that any information on military operation should stay in the military. Some folks may read this photo as a violation of that policy, set in place to protect soldiers in the force, just like themselves.

Let’s just hope no dire harm comes from it, and they just be let off with a stern warning — and maybe even a chuckle from their commander.

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