Selfie Responsibly: Pizza Hut Releases Spoof PSA [Video]

Oh, selfie sticks. you have revolutionized the way we take photos of ourselves. Thanks to you, we’ve gone from uncomfortable angling, re-arranging, and cramming as many people as we can to take a photo at an arm’s length, to smiles, poses and happiness galore with awesome backdrops and space to spare. You’ve let us take take fantastic landscape selfies, critter selfies (hello there, Quokka, you cutie!), and even celeb selfies, and have had us making so many memories our terrabyte drives and cloud storage systems have lost count. seriously, what’s not to love about you?

According to this Pizza Hut viral spoof PSA, apparently a lot.

The PSA says that the selfie stick has turned each person the world over into an “egotastic specimen of visual self-obsession.” What’s worse, the device has lead people to discover that there’s a bigger world out there! (gasp!) “By moving the camera away from the central subject of the selfie, selfie sticks create the illusion that other objects, places, and even people exist. The curiosity generated by this new point of view leads our self-focused friends out into a much wider world, and that leads to disaster.”

Someone hand me a box of tissues; I can’t even.


the evidence? Utter mayhem. Selfie sticks wrecking lemonade stands! Thwacking people on the head! Causing clumsy selfie-takers to total their own living room and make a disaster of their lives! Is there no end to this catastrophe?!

The plague of the selfie stick may haunt us for longer than we expect, but at least, there’s still pizza. The spoof PSA itself is actually an ad for the new Big Flavor Dipper Pizza, a pizza so big it will “defy selfie stick possibilities.”

We’ll be the judge of that.

Watch the spoof PSA here:

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