Robotic Finger That Attaches To Smart Phones As A Feature — Whoa!

robotic finger

MobiLimb is a new shape-altering part with a dense form factor that can be stationed on mobile devices.

robotic finger
The MobiLimb; Photo: Img Flip

Above is a video demo of all the ways a MobiLimb robotic finger will add value to your life after being attached to a smartphone.

The device is a small 5 Degrees of Freedom serial robotic handler that can be readily added to (or removed from) existent mobile devices (tablet, smartphone). In the spirit of human sweetening, its approach aims at overcoming mobile device limitations (static, motionless, passive) by utilizing a robotic limb.

robotic finger
Whoa; Photo: Gifer

The finger can tap to alarm a user to phone advisories, be programmed to shift the state of the phone (e.g. turned on and off), harnessed to manipulate on-screen objects, used as a phone grip or stand, and even drag the phone off your desk looper style. It can too hold a light, draw and act as an assortment of different sensors.

Aside from robotic finger attachments, smartphones too have seriously stepped up their app game. The number of applications in Google Play Store has matured to roughly 3.3 million by March 2018.

Nova Launcher is one of the top Android apps that has been on GPS for many years. The launcher is lightweight and smooth and with tons of accommodations. Many icon packs are available in the Store to change its appearances.

Likewise, Google Assistant (an artificial personal assistant) allows users to communicate, navigate, and get a lot of stuff done. You can use the Google assistant on your iOS devices and Android to trigger apps, ask any inquiries, make plans, play games, etc. It’s available for all sort of Android smartphones that run Android marshmallow, Oreo, Nougat and even on smartwatches.


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