Man With ‘Big Mouth’ Smokes More Than 150 Cigarettes At Once


People with big mouths are good at doing what? Please, let’s keep it G rated people.

However, yes you are right — they’re good at talking. Though, they can too stuff lots of things in there, as one huge-mouthed man has proven.

Jim Purol, world record holder, lighting a gang of cigs in his mouth; Photo: The Wizard of Odd TV

Jim ‘Mouth’ Purol set a record live on television (2003) as he pulled off fitting 159 cigarettes in his mouth at once and smoke all of them within five minutes.

The record has never been bested and Purol, now aged 66, recently duplicated the effort, managing an astounding/dopey 150 cigarettes.

To complete the task, Purol stuffs the equivalent of eight packets of cigs in his mouth, sparks the ends with a blow torch and utilizes a fan to blow the smoke away and deter him from passing out from second-hand smoke.

What makes the feat all the more wacky is the fact that Purol is not even a smoker; paradox indeed, for the challenge provides him with a ‘pretty powerful buzz.’

Before the deed, like any star athlete, Purol stretches by squeezing two wine corks in his pie hole and chomping down on them, to shorten the hazard of dislocating his jaw.

Although if you’re reading this wondering, ‘wow, 159 cigarettes, I wonder what else he can fit in that mouth,’ then query no more — Purol has too held records for holding 18 hot dogs and 180 McDonald’s fries in his mouth at once! They’re unconnected records by the way, but he could probably do 1 hot dog and 170 McDonald’s fries at the same time, if requested.


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