Robot Bartending Company Giving Cash To The Humans It Is Replacing


For every robot bartender that Makr Shakr sells, the company is giving a $1,000 monthly stipend to selected humans likely to be impacted by automation.

There’s no question that automation is going to have a dramatic impact on employment over the approaching decades. Whether you presume it’s going to cause mass unemployment or wind up establishing classes of new job types, robotics and A.I. are going to still be gigantic workplace jammers. And tech companies are fully aware of it.

via Twitter; Robots are replacing humans at an alarming rate

Makr Shakr recently announced that it is unveiling the planet’s first automatic stipend. The pilot program will launch in December, prior to later arriving in Europe in 2020. Accordant to Makr Shakr, the first awardee of the venture will be Brian Townsell, 50, of the U.S. who has worked in hotels and restaurants for majority of his career. While he’d prefer to labor in the brewery field, he has been incapable of doing this while too supporting his family.

That’s where Makr Shakr feels that its stipend will be good for a rainy day. The company thinks that the stipend will assist in supporting people as they search for more secure types of employment. It’s not specific how long the recipients of the offer will continue to collect money. This combines the notion of universal rudimentary income with the rising concerns regarding automation. But, in this instance, it would be the corporations helping to impede the market who are specifically paying out to the persons bearing the burden of the rude awakening.


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