How to Make Instagram Videos a Successful Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram‘s complicated algorithm relies heavily on user engagement to determine if your posts are worthy of showing up on your followers’ feeds. A heavily engaged following earns more exposure and attention from some of the most targeted audiences available. In order to reach this audience, however, you need to stand out. Grab their attention in a way that makes them want to like, comment on, and share, your content. However tempting it may be, don’t just go out and buy Instagram followers. You are better than that and have the tools to make your Instagram work for you. Let’s take a look at how video can be one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of the right people and get them involved.

According to some statistics, video can double your engagement on Instagram. It is also the most robust media to tell the story of your brand, leading to super-targeted campaigns and honing in on your best audience. Instagram offers powerful video marketing tools that make almost any project possible. You can create shorter in-app videos that grab the attention of your followers as they scroll through their feed, video stories that show up at the top of their feed for 24 hours, live videos to do Q&A sessions or share an event with your followers or make a video up to an hour long on IGTV

Video Content Basics

Video of Skydivers

Video content needs to strike a balance between being informative, fun, and promotional. You will want to tailor that ratio based upon your audience, but keep this in mind as you create your video marketing plan. Your efforts should align with your overall marketing strategy in a way that complements the rest of your content.

Videos that show up in a person’s feed play automatically, but have the sound turned off. The content needs to be visually compelling, and the message needs to be clear with or without audio. The first 3-5 seconds are the most important part of your video because that is the time during which users will either scroll past the video or keep watching.

The other thing to remember with video is that while quality does not need to be flawless, users are more likely to watch the whole way through if it is pleasant to look at. This means lighting and footage should be clear. The video—and especially its cover photo—should fit in with your feed. You want the video to contribute to, not distract from, your overall aesthetic.

Types of Content

There are so many formats for video content, that it would take a full manual to cover them all. We are going to touch on how four basic types of video content will help you reach your audience, get them excited about your brand, inspire them to engage, and drive sales to a new level.

How-To Videos

How-to videos have the capability of hitting every point in your outreach goals. They can be informative, fun, and promotional, all at once. Use how-to videos to get your audience excited about a product, or teach them ways to use your products in their everyday lives. Another option is to make a how-to video related to your industry that does not feature any of your products. This last option may not seem like it would be useful in driving sales, but it builds valuable trust in your brand.

Q & A videos

One of the best ways to get your audience engaging with your brand is to hold a live question and answer session. Use the live video format to answer questions about your products, process, or personal life. At least a week ahead of your live session, begin posting in your story and on your feed, telling people when to tune in. Build the hype around the Q & A so people are excited. You can even put a countdown sticker on a story post the day of your broadcast. 

Viewers can ask questions in the comments during your broadcast, or you can get email addresses for future promotional campaigns by asking them to email their questions to you ahead of time. When you recognize your followers, you let them know you care. This is one of the best possible ways to build trust and brand loyalty.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are an excellent way to give consumers a full picture of everything your product can do for them. You can also make promotional videos to introduce a new product and build hype. You can make it live (don’t forget to promote) or a pre-recorded post.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are an exciting way to get your audience to tune in to live video. Hold the contest or giveaway during the broadcast, and get an even bigger audience by tagging the winners (just make sure you get permission first).

Final Thoughts

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You work hard to build your audience. Sometimes Instagram’s algorithm can be so frustrating it makes you want to go out and buy Instagram followers so you can put your energy into some other form of marketing. But if you learn to master the art of video marketing, use the right hashtags to reach your audience, and keep the fun coming, you will have the most engaged followers on the internet today. Stick with it to watch your revenue soar.

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