RG3 Unveils New Logo On Instagram

RG3 revealed a new logo for himself on Sunday

RG3 joined Instagram with a splash this weekend, revealing a new logo with his first post.

Yes, RG3 feels the need to have his own logo. He’s kind of a big deal.

At 24-years-old, RG3 is entering his third year in the NFL. He won rookie of the year honors his first season with the Redskins after leading the team to a 10-6 record and a playoff appearance.

Last season RG3 regressed significantly. His knee wasn’t healthy and it affected his play on the field, resulting in a 3-13 season in Washington.

Entering his third year, RG3 is expected to bounce back fully, especially with the addition of DeSean Jackson.

To prepare for the season RG3 has teamed up with Adidas for merchandising. The logo, as seen below, will be branded on a number of products for sale.

What’s interesting is RG3’s original tweet about his first Instagram said he would be posting about his family. Adidas is his family then?

What’s important is this year’s offseason news about RG3 isn’t about his knee. Last offseason all we heard was how his ACL rehab was ahead of schedule.

RG3 enters the 2014 with a new logo and a new outlook on football. He is fully healthy and ready to to make you want to buy his merchandise!

[Photo Credit: Matthew Straubmuller]

Scott Croker

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