#ReasonsIllAlwaysBeaKid Brings Out the Not-So-Little Kid in You


There are clearly two kinds of people on Twitter: play by the hashtag like it says on the tin, and those who take the hashtag and do unspeakable, often hilarious things to it.

#ReasonsIllAlwaysBeaKid has grown to be quite the hashtag on Twitter, and Is two parts nostalgia, two parts tongue-in-cheek, a portion of risque, and all-over hilarious.

so, Twitter peeps, do tell: what makes you think you’ll always be a kid?

Is it the food?

  The hobbies?


The TV shows and movies?

The toys?

The schoolyard habits?

Or maybe it’s the napping. That’s fun, too.

Or maybe its being very into fictional characters.


Holidays! Definitely holidays.

Because Adulting is just really hard sometimes.

Whatever the reason, never forget the kid in you.

Feature image courtesy of Gratisography
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