Why Cats Bite Your Hand Sometimes When You Pet Them

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Sometimes, cats bite you when you pet them. Some owners dubbed these “love bites,” however vets have a much more schizoid sobriquet for the conduct.

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Petting-induced aggression,” is what the behavior’s called. Indications of petting-induced aggression consist of biting while being petted, and malevolently staring at slumbering humans from unlit corners of the room.

Petting-induced aggression varies from callous hostile behavior — some cats simply don’t care to be petted at all, point blank, and will precipitously swipe at you if you attempt. A cat who demonstrates petting-induced aggression, on the contrary, will call for affection, accede to it, and then inextricably and without a heads up they bite you Mike Tyson style!

The kitty though, may actually be trying to control the predicament, a theory suggest. The modern house cat’s ancestor was likely a solitary animal, thereby the social hierarchy thing is fairly ‘new’ to them still.

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Another theory, is some felines might experience protracted petting adversely, and the biting is a response to that. In essence, petting actually begins to feel physically irritating to the kitty when it’s exaggerated.

Biting could too occur when a cat gets thrilled and determines the petting seance should flip into playtime. After all, cats are predators, and they refine their hunting skills by patting at any string that dangles, or by bombarding your ankles when you’re walking to the lavatory late at night.

So, what should a master do with a cat who displays petting-induced aggression? Throttle it. No, seriously it’s really just about learning how to adjust to the animal’s mood so you can foretell it’s moves. Take heed of the cat’s tolerance, and look for cues like flat ears or a flicking tail.


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