Valentine’s Day 2018, Thousands Of Couples Filed For Divorce


Accordant to data, thousands of married couples filed for divorce on February 14th last year. Thereby, what do you think will happen tomorrow?

Though numerous view Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year, others can certainly do without the cheap sparkle, hot pink stuffed teddy bears and repulsive mob of heart-shaped balloons.

But opposed to hopping onto Facebook to chivalrously announce that you’re not celebrating V-Day because it is merely a Hallmark holiday and every day of the year we ought of appreciate our significant other(s), there are some persons who elect to take it a step further – divorce!

Figures discovered that lawyers, solicitors and legal services saw the largest trading spike on 14 February 2018 across a mesh of 70,000 businesses. Sectors had an astounding 549% increase in trade Valentine’s Day last year in comparison with the yearly average – in turn implicating the ‘holiday’ could be a potential trigger for couples to jumpstart separation proceedings.

“We were surprised to see that legal firms achieved the best percentage sales growth on Valentine’s Day last year – even beating florists,” said Guy Moreve, CMO of a financial technology company.

“We’ll be watching closely over the next few days to see if this trend is repeated. Our findings also underline how certain events can trigger consumer spending in unexpected areas.

“Just because a company might not seem directly related to a particular festival or occasion, business owners can still take the opportunity to think laterally when it comes to customer promotions, beyond the more obvious tie-ins.”


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