Creepy Raven Actually Says “Nevermore” Over and Over Again

With Halloween creeping closer and closer, we thought it might be fun to drop a creepy little video on you today. As you can see, the Raven seen here is repeating the word Nevermore (a classic reference to The Raven story by Edgar Allen Poe, in which a raven drives a man mad by doing just that, over and over).

It seems creepy but the story behind it obviously is far less nefarious than this seems:

The ‘Waka Waka’ should have hinted at it for you, but this Raven is trained. Believe it or not, Ravens are some of the smartest animals on Earth, with the capacity for multi-tier problem solving, which next to NO animals outside of chimps and dolphins can achieve. But there is still something oddly discomforting about seeing a Raven jumping around chirping Nevermore, over and over again. That IS the kind of stuff that could eventually drive someone insane. Just look at the poor dog’s reaction to it!

At the current time Edgar Allen Poe cannot be reached for comment, as he is dead and stuff.




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